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At the National Gallery of Victoria, Modern Art section in front of the panel explaining Surrealism, 27/12/2014.

It is now 2015 - the 5th year since being sued and I am updating this site with the addition of 3 new drawing/doodle galleries.
As a surrealist artist whose works hone in on criticism of socio-cultural, political and religious themes my work is now officially referred to as "offensive".

In 2014 I was found, by judge Emilios Kyrou, to have fabricated events, lied and maliciously defamed Robert Cripps who, I wrote back in 2009, took actions against myself and co-exhibitor due to his lack of knowledge about art. On the basis of his admitted limitations Cripps was unqualified to run an art gallery. "It is all about the money at Guildford Lane Gallery. If it were about the art, the gallery Director would of course already know that Surrealism is a protestant movement, one born from a fiercely anti establishment, anti-religious..." http://leeanneart.com/guildfordlanegallery.html

In 2011 Cripps sued myself and my partner.

In the trial that ensued in 2014 Judge Kyrou found against us despite Cripps' admissions:
1) that he knew nothing about art,
2) that he had not studied or "trained" in art,
3) or art theory (necessary to be an "art critic"),
4) or art history,
5) that he only ran a business (without knowing anything about the nature of that business: art),
6) had no art background,
7) and that due to his limited education could not understand the art or the essays.

The trial ran over 8 days, full trial transcripts can be read here - http://www.redlegvartists.com/TrialTranscripts

Emilios Kyrou and his extraordinary judgement (set to be appealed) ensures that any return to artistic pursuits remains at best unforeseeable. With no access to suitable facilities or indeed to our own works, materials as well as space to do so it is unlikely. It is like being in exile. There is no other way to put it.

Judge Kyrou awarded record damages against us that still have to be paid despite the launch of our appeal.
The damages instructed by Emilios Kyrou should have meant we'd have no resources left in which to mount any sort of appeal.

To do so we've lost our house and all that we have worked for, for over 30 years, in order to mount the appeal to clear our names. Incomplete works from pre-2011 will likely forever remain incomplete and due to the financial cost we may never get back on our feet.

The appeal will be heard by the court of appeal, Supreme Court of Victoria, in March 2015.

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